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We have recently made a considerable investment in becoming the only official Delphi diesel center in the area. We now have all the latest test equipment to diagnose the complete modern diesel common rail systems.

We can take the guess work out of diagnosing faults with the ever more complicated systems on modern vehicles by isolating individual components and carrying out the correct tests to confidently and quickly eliminate them from the long list of possible problems with the vehicle.

We now have the ability to test almost every type of common rail diesel injector to be found on the market today, Our bench tester will test Delphi, Bosch, Denso, Siemens. 

No matter what the outcome of our investigations are, we have the solution to get your vehicle back on the road. If any of your faulty components can be repaired cost effectively, we can arrange this with one of our repair partners. If the components cannot be repaired, we can also give you competitive prices for any manufacturers parts. Being a Delphi Diesel center we have direct access to the Delphi network who supply many of the major manufacturers with their diesel components, we have access to all the latest technical information and advice direct from the people who are building these OE systems. We can supply original equipment Delphi components at competitive prices.

So if you need on vehicle diagnostics to nail down the problem component or you have injectors that you need testing, please get in touch and we will try our best to get you back on the road.